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Peter Francis Geraci and Geraci Law have been filing bankruptcy since 1973. Peter Francis Geraci is one of the leading bankrutpcy attorneys in the country. Peter Francis Geraci and Geraci law has been representing families in CHAPTER 7 and CHAPTER 13 cases for more than 40 years in the midwest.

What does all our bankruptcy experience mean to you? It means Geraci Law is open 6 days a week, answering phones from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. most days. It means Geraci Law attorneys see more bankruptcy cases, judges and trustees in a month that most attorneys will see in their entire career. It means that you get our experience, for the same price as you would pay with an unknown lawyer in many cases, and in some cases, you pay less. Remember, it’s not only what you pay your attorney, it’s how much debt you get rid of, and how much you pay your creditors. Bankruptcy with Geraci Law means that you can’t get our depth of experience, our convenience, our presence in the bankruptcy system, anywhere else. We take a lot of pride in helping our clients out of tough situations. We care about our clients, and make a difficult situation hassle-free. So, welcome to Geraci Law, the law firm you can trust to get YOU out of debt.

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Whether you are facing lawsuits, foreclosures, wage garnishments, or just need immediate debt relief, you can trust Geraci Law to get you out of debt. With more than 500 years of combined experience in consumer bankruptcy, Attorney Peter Francis Geraci and Geraci Law can help you get out of debt. Geraci Law's mission is to change your life for the better. Bankruptcy attorney Peter Francis Geraci and Geraci Law provide you with free phone consultations to go over your debts, free in office consultations with an attorney, fast filing with little or no money down, and convenient locations near you or virtual from your home.

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